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    Town Coopers Baseball

    Town Coopers Baseball Club commenced operation in 2013 under Nicholas Mahrt, Scott Holtmann, and Ryan O'Rourke, with a mission to improve the select travel baseball environment. 

    St. Louis Financial Planners, Inc.

    Mr. Tim Hunt of St. Louis Financial Planners has been a faithful supporter of youth baseball in St. Louis for the past six seasons. Mr. Hunt changes lives through preparation of family estates, regardless of your level of earnings or wealth. Family budgets, trusts, debt elimination, asset protection, and financial planning is the key to creating an estate, or maintaining and growing it. Tim Hunt will help you solve these problems and get you on the right path to financial contentment.

    On Deck & In the Hole

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    What's In the Barrel

    Town Coopers Uniforms Unveiled

    03/13/2014, 12:15pm CDT
    By Nicholas Mahrt

    Town Coopers Baseball unveiled its Summer 2014 uniforms in a scarlet/green color-scheme that reminds fans of old-school baseball combined with the 1980s "Whitey Ball" of the St. Louis Cardinals.

    The home whites are adorned with a New Era 59Fifty scarlet cap, white eyelits, green button, and a green-outlined white "TC" logo. Scarlet piping etches around the neck and down the front, around the sleeves, and along the side of the pants. The grey road jerseys carry the same decor, except the piping sits in dark green pigment, and the cap is the Richardson white skull/green visor design.

    Perhaps the greatest element of the collection is the 1980s throwback V-neck, dressed in scarlet red with alternative colors on the ends of the sleeves. The red/green "TC" logo sits on the upper left chest area, while the number sits on the lower right. Names and numbers go on the back of this speciman.

    It should be known that on the rear of the neck of all uniform tops resides the American flag. And "Barrel Man" comes in two distinct arm patches as evidenced in the image. 

    This color-scheme/uniform shall remain this group's attire as they move up through 18U. 2014-15's 15U team is tentatively schedule to play in navy blue and gold.